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Should I send my child to school?

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Should I send my child to school?
by MaryLynn Heron - Wednesday, 30 September 2020, 9:29 AM

The BC Centre for Disease Control - under Schools - has excellent information for parents in their About COVID 19 section in an easy to follow Q&A format (follow link provided below and scroll down page to About COVID 19)


For answers to questions, such as, Can students without symptoms go to school if someone else in their household is sick?

Students and staff without symptoms can still go to school even if someone else in their household is sick. They cannot go to school if public health has told them not to. This is the same as for other settings like workplaces and public spaces.

Most people who are sick or have symptoms of illness in B.C. are not sick with COVID-19. So, it is very unlikely the person in their household has COVID-19. 

If someone has been diagnosed with COVID-19, public health will identify close contacts and ask them to stay home and self-isolate

The person who is sick or has symptoms should be assessed by 8-1-1 or a health care provider. Testing is recommended for anyone with cold, influenza or COVID-19-like symptoms, even mild ones. 

Thank you everyone for your ongoing care and thoughtfulness in completing the Daily Health Checks for your child(ren). The most current checks are located on our website at the top righthand side of the page.

With gratitude,

Mrs. ML Heron