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November News

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November News
by Lisa Kinshella - Monday, 14 November 2011, 11:21 AM

Here is a snapshot of what we have covered over the last month.

Language Arts: We read a story called A Poppy is to Remember by Heather Patterson. We discussed the story and what wearing a poppy and world peace meant to us. We watched a variety of video clips about Remembrance Day and also read a newspaper called Animals in the War. This newspaper (produced by Veterans Affairs) explained how animals such as the carrier pigeon, horses, dogs and elephants were used to do work for soldiers and kept as pets during wartime. Students also reflected on and wrote about what peace meant to them. We also created poppies using tissue paper, and drew poppies using pastels with our grade one buddies. The Remembrance assembly on Thursday was a culmination of our study of Remembrance Day in Canada.

We have completed a read aloud book called How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowel and responded to the story with discussions and some writing samples. Presently, we are reading The Archaeolo Jesters
by Andreas Oertel.

With our grade one buddies we have played some math games and completed various art projects together.

On Wednesday, Nov. 16th we will be taking part in a morning session with a visiting author, Michael Kusugak, an Inuit storyteller.

Math: We have continued with our unit on Numbers to 1000. The students have counted large collections, modelled 3-digit numbers, and represented numbers in many different ways, by partitioning them, by comparing them to other numbers, and by using words, symbols, pictures or concrete materials. We will be finishing up this unit over the next week and a review page will come home over the next week or so to prepare students for the unit test. Students have continued reviewing and practising basic addition facts using fast fact quizzes. These are short, 20 question quizzes that we do a few times a week. Thank you for helping your child with the weekly math journal question.

Science: We have continued reading, collecting and watching video clips about the salmon life cycle. We thoroughly enjoyed our field trip to Goldstream Park on November 9th. We will use this background information about the salmon to help us answer our inquiry question, "What do salmon need to survive?"

Personal Planning: We continue to talk about what an ideal classroom looks, feels and sounds like. We have also had a series of lessons about autism and valuing individual differences. We will continue to talk about our classroom values and beliefs.

Hopefully this outline gives you an idea of our recent and upcoming topics. Please let me know if you have any questions.