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Another Fun Community Building Activity

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Another Fun Community Building Activity
by MaryLynn Heron - Thursday, 9 April 2020, 1:17 PM

Dear Cordova Bay Families,

Our community has engaged in making hearts for our healthcare heroes and front line workers, as well as Easter eggs to post in windows for this weekend’s neighbourhood egg hunts. See if you can find Ms. Meausette’s Easter eggs on her mailbox located somewhere in the Cordova Bay neighbourhood….

Next week, we are excited to start the following, ongoing community-building activity: Family Handshakes and High Fives!

Movement and exercise bring much needed oxygen-rich blood to the brain; and one great way to bring oxygen to the brain, while strengthening social bonds, is a handshake or high five. Handshakes and high fives involve cross-lateral movements (one body part crosses over the midline of the body). When we learn and use arm and leg crossover activities that can force the brain hemispheres to "talk" to each other better. For example, try the classic patting your head and rubbing your belly - this is a cross-lateral activity!

 As educators are keenly aware of the important link between learning and movement, we highly encourage your child to try out this fun activity; but before you get started, check out the link below to a "feel good" news report that highlights the handshakes and high fives of students with their classroom teacher! Relationships grow, while her students build wonderful connections between brain hemispheres.

Wichita teacher greets each student with a special handshake:

At this time of physical distancing, it is our hope that the handshake/high five activity will bring some energy and fun to your long weekend and the days to come – reminder to keep this in the family, for now (your child’s teacher will let you know how any handshake videos can be shared with peers)! Students will surely look forward to sharing their cool handshakes with each other, and when we joyously find ourselves back together, students can share their high fives, in person. As the weather slowly warms, have your child head outside with a sibling, parent, stuffy, etc. to create their own special handshake or high five.

Have fun and enjoy your weekend everyone. I look forward to sharing the Heron High Five with all of you...coming to an inbox near you, as soon as I have the technology sorted out!!!

Mrs. ML Heron