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Reminders for Monday Sept 14

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Reminders for Monday Sept 14
by MaryLynn Heron - Sunday, 13 September 2020, 5:39 PM

Dear Cordova Bay Parents/Guardians,

My best memory of last week was the sight of our new Kindies literally bouncing their way through the front doors of the school! To be honest, seeing our kindergarten students with such fresh eyes and curiosity filled me with an immense sense of gratitude. Despite the many changes to respond to our current realities, I clearly saw that the excitement of starting school, at the precious age of 4 or 5, is still alive and well, and for that I am very thankful.

I am also grateful for your patience and understanding, as we settle in to new routines and establish the best way forward with our current Health and Safety protocols. If I can share one sanity-saver as a working parent, seek information and avoid inundation. Like most of you, my go-to for the most up-to-date information is our cherished Dr. Bonnie Henry, as well as information outlined by the BC Centre for Disease Control, and of course the very informative Q&A updated regularly by our Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Dave Eberwein 

There will be lots of information coming your way this fall, and we will make every effort to streamline as best we can. As we head in to our first full week back to school, here is some key information for you.

1.       Kindergarten students will continue with gradual entry. The gradual entry schedule is a spotlight button on our school website. Grades 1-5 will start full day classes, tomorrow, Monday the 14th 8:40-2:48.

2.       Complete one hard copy of the Daily Health Screening and return to the school by the end of the first week (paper copies were sent home the day of your child’s orientation). A signed copy of the health screening indicates your understanding that this is the screening to be completed each day for each child, prior to arriving at school. Please note, you are required to complete a health check every day; however, you are not asked to submit a copy of the check every day. The checklist is at the top of our school’s website for your convenience.

3.       Anyone experiencing symptoms of illness should not return to school until they have been assessed by a health-care provider to exclude COVID-19 or other infectious diseases AND their symptoms have resolved.

4.       Please review the BC Centre for Disease Control COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 School Settings p. 15-17 (Personal Measures):


On pages 15-17, you will find detailed information regarding what to do, for example, if a household member is sick but your child is not and what to do if your child has symptoms from a previously diagnosed condition.

5.       If, after having completed the Daily Health Screening, you are unsure whether your child should attend school, please access the BC COVID self-assessment tool This tool will direct you to dial 811 (Health Link BC), if required.

Drop-off  and Pick-up Zones (8:40 and 2:48) – Drop off no earlier than 15 minutes prior to 8:40

School Drop off and Pick-up Zones are as follows:

Doors at front of School

Mrs. Dutchak/Ms. Robinson Kindies and Gr 1s

Ms. Challinor, Kindies

Mrs. McKamey, Kindies

Mr. Chan and Mrs. Haines, Gr 2

Classroom door at front of School (corner of school near portables)

Ms. Jones Gr 1

Side Entrance near the fields & portables

Mrs. Mitchell Gr 4/5

Outside Portables next to school field and front parking lot

Mr. Swift-Fry, Gr 3

Ms. Rochon, Gr 1

Back Doors (closest to field and back parking lot)

Mrs. Mollberg, Gr 2

Mrs. Schultz, Gr 4/5

Back Doors (closest to undercovered area)

Mrs. Bailey and Mrs. Bales, Gr 3

Ms. Holmes, Gr 4/5

Doors located in the alcove at the back of the school (by school learning commons)

Ms. Wergeland, Gr 3

Ms. Mill, Gr 4/5


A warm welcome back everyone!

Mrs. ML Heron