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Freezie Friday - Tomorrow After School! (Important Freezie Purchase Info)

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Freezie Friday - Tomorrow After School! (Important Freezie Purchase Info)
by Tammy Cowley - Thursday, 10 June 2021, 3:04 PM

A HUGE thank you to everyone for supporting last week's Freezie Friday. We were a toonie short of raising $400 for the Dirty Wall Project  - Mumbai! Way to go Cordova Bay Cedars and a big thank you to our parent volunteers and to Mr. Aaron Kedves, our daytime custodian, for setting up tables for us for this fundraiser.


It is important that parents on site for Freezie Friday maintain 2 metres physical distance and please wear a mask, especially if you will be accompanying your child to the Freezie table. 

To create a better flow and faster service there are 7 tables for purchasing a Freezie.  Each cohort now has a specific spot where Freezies can be purchased

We ask that you please review with your child the location indicated below where your child should buy his/her Freezie:

  • Wergeland/Bailey Bales - Table at back of school by Bailey/Bales lineup spot
  • Holmes/Meausette/Mill - Table at back of school by Mill's lineup spot
  • Mitchell/Schultz - Table at back door by Schultz's class
  • Rochon/Mollberg - Table outside Rochon's portable by tree
  • Dutchak/Robinson/Jones - Table outside of Jones's class
  • Challinor/Van Dyk/McKamey/Lockhart - Table along fence at front of school
  • Chan/Haines and Swift-Fry - Table at front of school past the bike rack

Thank you everyone for your ongoing support of this fundraiser in support of families in Mumbai. The following link provides many great insights into the area of the city being supported and the lives of the citizens who are immensely grateful for the funds raised by our school: