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Preparing for the week of September 8th

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Preparing for the week of September 8th
by Kelly Urarii - Thursday, 4 September 2014, 7:40 AM

While we fully expect the strike to continue through Friday, Sept. 5, we are unsure of what will occur next week.  Our hope is that citizens of all description are becoming engaged in a community dialogue that includes pressure and support on the BCTF and government to make whatever moves are necessary to bring this impass to resolution.  Again, we encourage people to become informed by referring to and and contributing to the solution in whatever ways you can.

We will continue to communicate with the STA (Saanich Teachers' Association) over the weekend and send out updates, as soon as we can, regarding the plan for Monday.  We appreciate that we continue to get advanced notice from the STA which allows us to make the appropriate plans and keep our community informed.

Superintendent of Saanich School, Dr. Keven Elder