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March update

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March update
by Anita Ko - Wednesday, 9 March 2016, 1:38 PM

GRADE 5 PARENTS- dates to note

Apr. 5th – Royal Oak Middle School Admin and counsellors visit Cordova Bay 1:00-3:00. An opportunity for parents to ask questions about the transition to ROMS

April 12 Royal Oak Middle School Admin presentation at PAC meeting 7:00 pm

Apr. 14th -- Grade 8 Royal Oak Band visit Cordova Bay 10:30-11 (band forms are available on Royal Oak's website and all application forms should be returned to Royal Oak by Apr. 21th)

April 19 Instrument try out 5;00-7:00 – at ROMS

April 19 Student Services Open House 7-8:30. To share information on students with a learning designation will be supported at Royal Oak Middle School.

May 5th- Grade 5's visit ROMS 9:30- 11:15

May 10, 11, 12 Placement interview /personalized interview (booking on -line)

May 25, 26, 27 Camp Thunderbird

ARE YOU MOVING?  If you know that your child will NOT be attending Cordova Bay or Royal Oak Middle School next year, please phone (250.658-5315) OR email the school office (


  • Please use crosswalks when crossing the road for safety and modelling for the students.
  • As you know, construction is happening at the back of the building. IF the covered area is closed as a walk thru, the children will be asked to walk to Rambler via the field and to the fence opening. We would like NO children walking through the side parking lot unless accompanied by an adult.
  • All visitors are asked to sign in and out at the office. In the event of an emergency, our visitor list allows us to account for all persons in the building.


  • Congratulations on a great basketball season. Cordova Bay had 48 Grade 4/5 play in the district jamboree at Royal Oak on Friday. Great to see such sportsmanship and great representation for Cordova Bay.
  • Well done to our swim club for a strong finish at the District Swim meet today. Thanks for the great smiles and for representing Cordova Bay. Congratulation on an awesome season.
  • Cross country will begin right after spring break for grade 3,4,5. If your child is interested, please have them get a form from Mrs. Fitz or Mrs. Kinshella. Meets will be afterschool on April 20, 27, May 4
  • Marathon laps will also be starting right after after spring break for the whole school. Stayed tuned for lots of running!
  • Triathlon club starts April 11. Must be able to swim 50-150m and open to grades 1-5. If your child is interested or would like more info please contact Mrs. Kinshella. The bike and run sessions are on Saturdays May 16 at 3:00-4 and swim sessions are on Monday at 3:15-4.


  • CORDOVA BAY SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION is open for registration. Baseball season is almost here! Players that are age 5 and up are welcome to join. Visit our website for more information. Come join the fun!!!
  • Support a parent Ryan Thirlwall (Chloe Dierck's Dad) from Cordova Bay in his  TUTU WALK FOR HOPE 2016 on Monday March 14- Tuesday March 14 2016. It will start at 7 am on Monday from Woodgrove Mall walking 125km back to The Boys and Girls Club of Victoria, arriving around mid morning Tuesday (estimated time 28hrs) His goals include:  Goal 1: To raise $5000 to further support the Boys and Girls club of Victoria's Anti-bullying programs and raise more awareness in the area of child/youth suicide prevention. All donations are to be made directly through The boys and Girls Club of Victoria-In person-Phone-website ( click on the "donate" link and be specific to where your donations are going.( key words: Tutu or Tutu walk). Goal2: To have annual tutu walks take place within the school districts on Vancouver island and beyond, specifically in elementary schools to further funds and awareness as part of pink shirt day to create sustainability and support for early childhood development in the area of anti-bullying and child youth suicide prevention. Goal 3: Get Prime Minister Trudeau to tweet a Photo of himself in a Pink Tutu to further acknowledge the efforts here on Vancouver Island in the area of Anti-bullying and child youth suicide prevention in our communities and schools. Good luck Ryan!