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Reminder that students are not in session on Monday April 11

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Reminder that students are not in session on Monday April 11
by Anita Ko - Friday, 8 April 2016, 1:28 PM

This day is the second Curriculum Implementation day provided by the Ministry of Education for teachers and support staff to learn and explore the curriculum redesign. I thought I would highlight some of the learning that happened on Feb 12, the first Curriculum Implementation day, and on our upcoming Non-instructional Day (NID).

During the curriculum implementation day on February 12, teachers, educational assistants and administration, together, explored the 21st century skills and competencies necessary for student success. Additionally, we looked at a variety of ways to support students in going beyond academic engagement. It was a day of incredible engagement for all of us and we left with an even stronger sense of commitment to continuous learning. Staff, across the district, made powerful connections with each other and widened the web of support needed to move us forward in our exciting work with students. We look forward to Monday April 11's session of collaboration, critical and creative thinking around designing our teaching around core competencies with all the elementary school staffs from the Saanich district. Have a look on the school district's website at the information around the elements of the redesigned curriculum

April 22 is an important school-based Non-instructional day where Cordova Bay Staff will be exploring the principles that guide our practice and setting school goals for the upcoming year(s). Our current school plan can be found on our website

As you can see in this plan, Cordova Bay staff have been focusing on core competencies (critical thinking, reflective thinking and student engagment) for the past three years and feels confident about the direction of the new curriculum redesign. As well, on April 22, our staff will be sharing out their learning from a Staff Book club- Number Talks by Sherry Parrish. This book focuses on how to design purposeful number talks, to pose the right questions to build understanding and to strenghten math computation with students.