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What a busy week! Updates

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What a busy week! Updates
by Anita Ko - Friday, 10 June 2016, 11:06 AM

A very big thank you from the Cordova Bay staff for a very generous and delicious lunch provided by the parents on Wednesday. We feel very grateful to work with your children and to be partners in your child's education. 

An amazing showing of Passion Projects on Wednesday. Evidence of Personal Inquiry and the powerful questions students have asked to guide their learning.  Well done! (from toxic nail polish, raising animals to how to program a robot!!)

Congratulations to our track and field participants who did a fabulous job on the track on Thursday. Thanks to the parents and staff for their support at this fun event.

We had three presentations recently:

  • Andy the Musical Scientist: Message around  thinking outside the box and creating music with everyday things (Try a guitiar made out of a hockey stick). Thanks to the Community arts Grant in funding this.
  •   Author/Story teller: Robert Budd aka "Lucky" to share new books (Cloudwalker and Orca Chief) stories that he co-authored/retold with Roy Henry Vickers. This was funded by Times Colonist Grant.
  • NED show:  Character building- Message to Never Give Up,Encourage Others and Do your best


  • June 12 ALS community event
  • June 21:Aboriginal Day-  Teddy the Hoop Dancer: Funded by Artist in Residence Grant and PAC and Canoe presentation with local canoe maker- Funded by school
  • June 24 Fun Day
  • June 27 Year End Recognition assembly (thanks to Parent/student volunteers,good bye to staff) 10:30
  • June 29 9:00 Grade 5 Farewell