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Earth Day Initiatives

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Earth Day Initiatives
by MaryLynn Heron - Thursday, 25 April 2019, 1:02 PM

Dear Cordova Bay Families,

On Tuesday, April 23, students and staff celebrated Earth Day in assembly (Earth Day officially took place on Monday, April 22). Our assembly was a wonderful acknowledgement of the work our Grade 4 Recycling team does to support our reduction in waste throughout the school and an introduction to the Plastic Bag Grab and the Waste Free Lunch. We also celebrated in song (I am the Earth - sung by our K students, and We’ve Got the Future in Our Hands - sung by the school choir) our deep commitment to recognizing that we are one with our beautiful planet and must protect it through our ongoing efforts, both big and small.

We encourage you to support our waste free lunch initiative for a week starting April 29th and ending May 3rd. Check out the weekly communication on our website for more information. Pizza party for the class who is able to reduce their lunch box waste the most!

Did you know that Over 800 schools across Canada are participating in The Plastic Bag Grab and here at Cordova Bay Elementary we are joining the challenge. We hope you will support your child in this important recycling initiative. The challenge involves gathering all the single-use plastic bags that you may be keeping at home, bringing them into school and then they will all be gathered and recycled.  This ensures that all of those plastic bags get recycled rather than ending up in the landfill or in nature where they can harm animals.  We encourage you to send in your bags over the next week and then they will be taken to be recycled on Friday, May 3rd.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to take care of our Earth and for your partnership in educating our children on environmental stewardship.


Mary Lynn Heron