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Weekly Communication - Wednesday, May 15th

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Weekly Communication - Wednesday, May 15th
by Tammy Cowley - Wednesday, 15 May 2019, 1:58 PM


May 17th

Lifetouch Class Photos

May 17th

PAC Hot Lunch - Subway

May 20th

Victoria Day – Statutory Holiday: Students do not attend school.

May 21st


May 23rd

Kindergarten Orientation for upcoming 2019-20 K Students and their Parents/Guardians, 9:15-10:15 am, In the Gym

May 24th

Gr. 5 & Dirty Wall Project Pizza Lunch for Students that Placed Orders

May 29-31st

Camp Thunderbird for Grade 5 Students

May 31st

Gr. 5 & Dirty Wall Project Pizza Lunch for Students that Placed Orders

June 2nd

Ordering for PAC Hot Lunch closes today

June 4th

School Parent Appreciation Day (Before School)

June 7th

PAC Hot Lunch - Subway

June 13th

District Track Meet at UVIC for Grade 4 & 5 Students

June 14th

Gr. 5 & Dirty Wall Project Pizza Lunch for Students that Placed Orders

June 21st

Gr. 5 & Dirty Wall Project Pizza Lunch for Students that Placed Orders

June 25th

Assembly for Staff that is Retiring, 10:30 am

June 27th

Year-End and Grade 5 Farewell Assembly, 9:00-10:30 am, In the gym

June 27th

Last Day of School!


Lifetouch Class Photos:  Friday, May 15th.  A reminder that the All School Photo Order Envelopes with payment are DUE to the school office by Friday AM.

Victoria Day:  Monday, May 20th is a statutory holiday. Students do not attend school.

Dirty Wall Project:  Please bring in any loose change weighing down your pockets or purses and deposit it into the bin you see on the gathering desk just across from the office. This change will go to the Dirty Wall Project that we have been learning about this year. Nickels and dimes add up to dollars. Please help. Thank you!

A Request from the Gardening Club:  Please bring in your empty, clean PLASTIC milk/juice jugs with lids. We need them for watering the garden. They can be tossed over the fence into the garden and we will organize them. Thank you!

Families Leaving Cordova Bay Elementary School:  If you have a child in Kindergarten to Grade 4 and your family will not be returning to Cordova Bay Elementary in September, could you please let the school know asap for planning purposes.  Thank you.

Class Placement Request for 2019-20:  Click on the following link for information from Mrs. Heron regarding Class Placement Requests for next year.

Fundraiser for Dirty Wall Project & Grade 5’s:  Order Forms and payment for Friday Pizza Days are DUE Tuesday, May 21st

Utensils for Snacks & Lunches:  In an effort to minimize the use of single use plastics within our school, the office will no longer be providing plastic spoons/forks for students.  Please remember to send utensils with your students so they are able to eat their snacks and lunch.  Thank you!

Reporting of Student Absences:  A friendly reminder for families to ensure that you contact the school Safe Arrival Line at 250 658-4002 if your child will be absent from school.  If you’re child will be away for more than one day, please ensure that you call of all the days that you child will be away.  This is a huge help to the Safe Arrival Parent Volunteers.   Thank you!


2019-2020 PAC Executive:  Are you curious about PAC? Or Interested in an executive role next year? Email us and we’d be more than happy to connect with you. 

PAC AGM/Elections - May 21, 7:00 pm:  Another opportunity to join your PAC to see where we are headed, give us feedback and elect your 2019-2020 PAC Executive.