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Weekly Communication - Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020

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Weekly Communication - Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2020
by Tammy Cowley - Wednesday, 26 February 2020, 8:59 AM


February 26th

EARLY Dismissal TODAY at 1:48 pm to facilitate parent/teacher conferences.

February 26th

Pink Shirt Day

February 28th

PAC Hot Lunch – Subway for those that ordered.  Don’t forget a snack!

February 29th

PAC Silent Auction, 6 pm to Midnight, see below for more details.

March 6th

ADHD Workshop for Parents, 9:30 am to 2:30 pm, see below for more details.

March 6th

Gr. 4/5 Basketball Members Jamboree, 11:45 to 3:00 pm at ROMS

March 8th

Ordering for Hot Lunch closes today at midnight.

March 8th

Daylight Savings – Move your clocks 1 hour ahead!

March 11th

District Swim Meet for Swim Club Members

March 12th

Report Cards Home

March 13th

PAC Hot Lunch – Boston Pizza for those that ordered.  Don’t forget a snack!

March 16th-27th

Spring Break – Students do not attend school.  Have a wonderful break!


Early Dismissal:  Reminder that TODAY, Wednesday, February 19th is early dismissal.  Children are dismissed from school at 1:48 pm. 

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Workshop for Parents:  March 6, 9:30 am – 2:30 pm.  See attached PDF for more information and how to RSVP.

If We Don’t Use It, We Lose It:  Information provided by Shannon Husk who is a Clinical Counsellor and Prevention and Community Engagement Service Provider for BC Gaming who specializes in issues regarding technology (social media and gaming). 

In the book “Digital Vortex Survival Guide” authors Julie Doan RN, Christie Walsh, and Andrew Doan MD, PhD write that,

The front of the brain consists of areas that control higher reasoning, emotional maturity, and self-control, also known as higher executive functions. Neuronal connections that are not used often are removed or pruned away as the brain matures because the brain realizes that if a person has not used these connections, they must not be necessary. This pruning process begins during the early teenage years with complete maturation around age 25. During this time, it is essential that one practice healthy behaviors and avoid harmful ones. What we see, hear, feel, think and experience can seriously affect our brains when they are not fully pruned.

This is why we must monitor and limit technology use.

When our youth use social media or video gaming moderately, they may feel relaxed, happy and recharged. But if that time increases to 3 or even the 11.5 hours that the Institute of Child Psychology says the average youth is spending on technology, then they have created extra stress in their lives. They fall behind in their schoolwork, sleep, chores and other healthy activities.

The brain may also prefer this virtual path of fantasy that earns reward with minimal effort, while becoming bored with real life. The Canadian Pediatric Society suggests that outside of screens used for school or work that kids age 5-18 and even adults only spend two hours a day in front of screens (includes tv, gaming and social media).

If you decide to set limits and monitor your child’s digital media you may notice that initially when they unplug there may be increased feelings of anxiety, depression, and anger. This is common as the brain resets our hormone levels and works to establish a new baseline of arousal. Please hang in there as parents during this process explain-ing to your child/youth why you are setting these limits and following through on your words. Please use parental controls if needed as we often find that there is less animosity when these are used. And lastly, as suggested above we can also role model our own use of technology by limiting our own use to two hours a day outside of our work or school time.


Hollywood Glam Silent Auction:  THIS SATURDAY - 6pm-Midnight

WE ARE ALL SET for a fabulous Fundraiser for our School!!!! Now all we need is YOU!!!

  • Over 40 Auction Items, 12 Raffles to participate in, Our Lucky Punch Game is stocked and the Barrel of Booze is filling up. 
  • Don't forget to bring a bottle of booze to the event to help overflow our barrel, in return you will get free raffle tickets. 
  • Online ticket sales are now CLOSED. Get you tickets from the Office ($25) or at the Door ($30).

Easter Purdy's Catalogs: Deadline for Orders: March 30.  Catalogues have gone home in your child's communication folder. Look out for them.  ONLINE ORDERING ONLY.  How to Order: 

  • Go to:
  • Click SUPPORT
  • Click SIGN IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT or Fill out the fields below to Support an Active Campaign.
  • Once you sign in, you’ll see our School DASHBOARD.
  • Click SHOP ONLINE at the top.
  • Choose MARKETPLACE to shop by photo.  (This is easiest)
  • Start adding to your bag.
  • Once done you can view you bag or Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT….Pay and you’re done.

Many thanks for your continued support.


Cordova Bay Fastball:  2020 registration is now open.  See below poster for more information.