Grade 2/3 Digital Literacy Framework Resources

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Lesson 1: Digital Manners - Being Kind Face-to-face and Online

Video: The Power of Words

Family Activity: Learn to Block Online Bullies

Family Tips: Helping Kids Fight Mean Online Behaviour

Family Engagement Resources

Lesson 2: Using the work of others online: When is it ok and how do we do it respectfully?

Story: Ricky Sticky Fingers by Julia Cook

Family Activity: We the Digital Citizens

Family Tips: Spotting Fake News and Decoding Media Messages

Family Engagement Resources

Lesson 3: Beginning online interactions: How does what we post online affect our identity?

Story: Me, Myselfie, and I by Jamie Lee Curtis

Family Activity: Digital Footprint and Identity

Family Tips: Help Kids Post, Comment, and Upload Responsibly

Family Engagement Resources

Lesson 4: Is Seeing Believing?: Why do people digitally alter photos and videos?

Family Activity: Thinking Critically about Online Images

Family Tips: Help Kids Spot Fake News and Decode Media Messages

Family Engagement Resources

Lesson 5: Understanding Food Advertising Online

Game: Co-Co's Adversmarts

Family Activity: Talking to Your Kids about Advertising

Family Tips: Dealing with Advertising: What can Parents do?

Lesson 6: Being Part of a Digital Community

Family Activity: Relationships and Communication

Family Tips: Help Kids Make Friends and Interact Safely Online

Family Resources

Lesson 7: Password Power-Up

Game: Password Protect

Family Activity: Privacy and Security Online

Family Tips: Help Boost Kids' Safety, Privacy, and Security Online

Family Resources

Lesson 8: Screen-Free Moments

Family Activity: We the Digital Citizens

Family Tips: Helping Kids Balance their Media Lives

Family Resources

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