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Important Back-to-School Information

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Important Back-to-School Information
by MaryLynn Heron - Thursday, 27 August 2020, 8:13 AM

Thursday, August 27, 2020


Dear Parents and Guardians,

 We are very much looking forward to welcoming all students back to school. This is an unprecedented situation and school will look different for students. The purpose of this communication is to provide families with as much information as possible about our planning process. Please understand that this information may need to change and adjust to be responsive to the circumstances, and is based on the information that we have at this time. We are committed to ensuring that you have timely information about any changes that may need to be made. 

*This information was also sent, along with K gradual entry information, to primary email contacts in our data system. In the September student information verification process, you will be able to provide our office staff with updates to your contact information, if you did not also receive an email dated Aug 26 with the following:


We request that you read the information below very carefully as it is critical to ensure a safe and organized September for all. Kindergarten Gradual Entry plans will be emailed to parents and guardians in a separate post.


Further information regarding supports for students impacted by immune suppression will be available to families early next week.


School Start up:

·         Each student (new and returning) will attend an orientation in the first week on the following schedule:

Grades 1 and 2: Thursday, September 10--8:40-10:10 am

Grade 3: Thursday, September 10--12:30-2:00 pm

Grades 4 and 5: Friday, September 11--8:40-10:10 am

·         The purpose of the orientation day is to provide information about class placement and to review health and safety routines with students.

·         We ask that parents/guardians please drop off their children no more than 15 minutes early, maintain physical distance and exit the school grounds shortly after drop off for health and safety reasons. Playgrounds will be closed before school on these two days in order to support Health and Safety routines. 

·         Please bring your child to the alphabetically marked tables at the back of the school (undercovered area).

·         Students do not need to bring supplies, backpacks or snacks during their orientation time on September 10th or 11th

·         Students will also be dismissed at the back of the school. Classroom teachers will send a separate communication to parents/guardians of each class outlining the drop-off and pick up areas for 20/21, along with a welcoming letter.

·         If you would like to meet with school staff, please make an appointment through the school office 250 658 5315.

·         Full school days begin on Monday, September 14 for grades 1-5. K Parents, please review the revised K Gradual Entry Schedule.


Structure of the School Day

·         There will be no changes to the beginning and end of the school day from previous years (8:40-2:48 starting Sept 14th). The school schedule will be available on the district and/or school website. 

·         Students will remain with their assigned classroom for instructional time. 

·         Classes will be connected to create a learning cohort of under 60 students and staff. 

·         Recess and lunch breaks will be staggered to allow for greater distancing between cohorts. Play areas will be divided so that cohorts have separate spaces to enjoy their breaks.  

·         If students are taught by a staff member outside of their cohort, PPE and/or physical distancing will be used


Health and Safety Routines


Administrative staff will share school specific Health and Safety routines and schedules with families early next week in the areas of:

·         Hand washing and sanitizing

·         Washroom routines

·         Hallway movement directions and routines

·         Entering into different doors and/or staggered times

·         More information regarding daily health checks and other health and safety measures will be shared with families early next week


Action Items for Parents

  • Review the above routines with your student
  • Notify the school by Friday, August 28th if you have an alternative plan for your student (i.e Distributed Learning)


We understand that the COVID pandemic has been extremely stressful for families and that there may be apprehension regarding the start of school. We are committed to working alongside families and students to make this experience as positive and rewarding as possible. As always, we look forward to having students back at school learning and growing and having some fun along the way.




Mrs. ML Heron           Ms. C. Meausette

Principal                      Vice Principal