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Freezie Fridays A Grand Success!

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Freezie Fridays A Grand Success!
by Tammy Cowley - Monday, 28 June 2021, 2:22 PM

Hello everyone,

WOW!  Another amazing day on Friday.  We made $391.00 for a GRAND TOTAL OF $1643.20 Thank you all for supporting this important charity.

Please see Cindy's email (from the Dirty Wall Project) below...  

Hello Everyone! - Cathy, Sukhi, MaryLynn, students, and parent volunteers

I am absolutely amazed by the amount of donation raised, and so grateful for your efforts on behalf of all the families in Mumbai who will benefit from your generosity. I fully appreciate the  amount of work a fundraising event takes, the problems that come up out of the blue, the rallying to get everyone involved, the management of every detail, and the gargantuan effort of so many people to make it happen — all of it interrupting your normal busy routines of school, homework, teaching, and life.

The Freezie Sale concept is brilliant! It’s a win/win for the children who get to buy and enjoy a freezie, and definitely a win for the Dirty Wall Project. I want to thank the children from the school for lining up in the rain to buy a Freezie, which in turn will go directly to help pay school fees for children in a slum in Mumbai. For all of you who organized the event, used your own freezers, transported boxes of freezies, and kept the children enthused — you are all heroes to me. 

When we have this kind of initiative working behind the scenes to help us, it is a poignant reminder that there is so much empathy and concern for others who live much different lives, in situations so unfamiliar to most people living here.

The school year (online) in Mumbai started last week (June 14). Your incredible donation of $1641will pay the school fees for one year for 8 - 10 children, depending on the school they are enrolled at.

We couldn’t be more grateful for your support. The parents and the children in Sakinaka, Mumbai understand that they are supported by strangers in a distant place. Their gratitude and relief is immense. 

Big love and gratitude from us and everyone in Sakinaka, Mumbai

Cindy Ryan

Dirty Wall Project