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Important Information for Parents and Students

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Important Information for Parents and Students
by Kelly Urarii - Thursday, 12 June 2014, 11:16 AM

The Saanich School District will be behind picket lines tomorrow Friday, June 13.  Classes will not be in session and parents are advised to keep their children at home.  This rotating strike day is certain.

As reported in the news, the BCTF has provided notice of Phase 3 Strike action thorughout the province to begin Tuesday, June 17.  As well, teachers may be engaged in a 'study session' on Monday, June 16, meaning there will be no classes on that day either.  Parents and students need to be aware the Thursday, June 12, is very likely the last day of school.  However, parents must check websites and news channels, in the event of a settlement being reached over the weekend.  IF a settlement is reached over the weekend, classes may be back in session on Monday or Tuesday.

Regardless of strike action, the Labour Relations Board has ruled that Provinical Examinations will take place.  School-based exams will not take place, even if a settlement is reached.  Those students who are writing a Provincial Exam will not be obstructed from entering the school.  The LRB has also ruled that compilation and submission of final grades for grade 12 students will be required for June 20, 2014.  Information about elementary report cards will be forthcoming.

A further order will be received later today regarding CUPE, pertaining to support staff who assist students with Provincial Exams and busing on those days.  Please check the SD 63 website regularly for further details.

Nancy Macdonald, Superintendent of Schools (Saanich 63)