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Picket Lines at Schools during exams

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Picket Lines at Schools during exams
by Kelly Urarii - Tuesday, 17 June 2014, 4:47 PM

Parents and students:

1. School buses will be running at regular times for Grade 10-12 students coming to school for exams only, starting Wednesday, June 18.  If students have an early exam only, they may need to wait until the afternoon for the bus.  If parents are arranging to pick up students earlier, we are encouraging parents to arrange an off-site location to meet in order to avoid congestion and problems at the picket lines.

2. If you are driving your son/daughter to the school in the morning or before an afternoon exam, we encourage you to do so no more than 45 minutes before an exam.  You may use the school bus loop or other safe drop-off site away from the school.

3. On Friday, there may be a large number of students who wish to drive their own cars for the English 12 exam.  We are expecting that the student parking lot will be open on that day, but we recommend taking the school bus, carpooling or other options.  Please check the secondary school websites regularly about these logistics.

4. Parents should be aware that we are working hard to have a positive and peaceful exam experience for students.  Avoiing crossing picket lines other than at drop off/departure times of buses.  Minimizing the numbers of cars coming to the school will be very helpful.

Thank you for your patience and all the best to students in their exams.

Nancy Macdonald, Superintendent of Schools (Saanich 63)