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Greetings from Mrs Heron

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Greetings from Mrs Heron
by MaryLynn Heron - Friday, 31 August 2018, 5:24 PM

In the Indigenous ways of knowing there is Celhcelh. Celhcelh means that “each person is responsible for their learning, finding and taking advantage of all opportunities to learn and maintaining openness to learning. Each person must take the initiative to become part of the learning community, by finding their place and fitting themselves into the community. This includes offering what knowledge and expertise you have to benefit the communal work being carried out”

(Halbert & Kaser, 2013).


Dear Cordova Bay Families,

Cordova Bay school has a strong reputation as a wonderful place of shared learnings and truly embodies Celhcelh. As incoming Principal, I am grateful for your partnership in helping to build this strong sense of community, in supporting student success and in your commitment to our school goal of improving student engagement. As Ms. Carolin Meaussette, Vice Principal, and I start our learning journey with you, we encourage you to connect with us early and often, as we very much value ongoing dialogue on how we can best support your child(ren).

There are many new community members to join in on our learning journey this year, including Ms. Meaussette and me. Please join me in welcoming the following new staff members:

Mrs. Tammy Cowley, School Secretary

Ms. Dayle Robinson, Teacher

Ms. Sarah Mailloux, Teacher

Ms. Denise Jones, Teacher

Mrs. Stacey Haines, Teacher

Mr. Chris Chan, Teacher

Ms. Jennifer Shatford, Educational Assistant

What incredible enthusiasm these staff members bring to our community! I had the pleasure of collaborating with many of them on August 30th, and I am very excited for you to get to know them and learn about the wonderful gifts that they have to share with your child(ren).

We look forward to welcoming Grades 1-5 students on Tuesday, September 4 from 8:40 a.m. -10:15 to kick off another great year! We are very excited to meet our new kindies on Wednesday, September 5th for gradual entry. Have a great long weekend everyone!



Mrs Mary Lynn Heron