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PAC - Class Representative Recruitment

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PAC - Class Representative Recruitment
by Tammy Cowley - Monday, 16 September 2019, 9:57 AM

Hello Cordova Bay Families !!!!!

It's Class Representative recruitment time again. EVERY CLASS NEEDS A CLASS REP. We have 14 divisions this year. See the list below for vacancies. 

It’s a great way to get involved and is an Essential Role to help ensure a successful year.

Class Rep Role:

  • Inform Parents of upcoming PAC events/fundraisers.
  • Coordinate Hot Lunch Volunteers
  • Coordinate class group gifts
  • Support Teacher with classroom events

Class Reps will be giving class email lists as soon as they are collected and compiled from the PAC FORMS that have gone home. We will also help get you started if this is your first time. 

Review the list below and email PAC if you are interested and for which division:

DIV 1 .  Ms. Challinor

DIV 2 .  Mrs. McKamey/Mrs. Lockhart

DIV 3 .  Ms. Barber

DIV 4 .  Ms. Robinson - Rachel Millar

DIV 5 .  Ms. Rochon - Lindsey Graham

DIV 6 .  Ms. Mollberg - Courtney Lloyd

DIV 7 .  Mr. Chan/Ms. Greenius

DIV 8 .  Ms. Wergeland

DIV 9 .  Ms. Bailey

DIV 10 .  Ms. Jones - Michelle Morson

DIV 11 .  Ms. Schultz

DIV 12 .  Ms. Mill

DIV 13 .  Ms. Holmes

DIV 14 .  Mrs. Mitchell

Many thanks,

Cordova Bay PAC